About Cultural Department

Culture is the accumulation of knowledge acquired through the development of intellectual abilities, as well as the ideas, customs and knowledge that characterize a given conglomerate.

As a binational entity, the Instituto Cultural Domínico Americano is aware of the importance of culture in the development of a nation and in establishing lasting ties between the American and Dominican people. The fact that “Cultural” is the second name of our institution is no wonder.

In this sense, ICDA’s Cultural Department presents a wide range of programs, activities and events that combines all aspects of American and Dominican art and culture through concerts, exhibitions, theatrical presentations, dance, conferences, talks, courses, workshops and other demonstrations of social, educational and cultural interest, as well as participating as an active member in cultural activities on a national and international scale.

Currently there are three cultural programs that are supported and sponsored by our institution, which are:

  • ICDA Theater Workshop Group
  • Domínico-Americano Mixed Choir
  • Julio Alberto Hernández Male Choir

At the same time, the Cultural Department also directs and manages the facilities of the cultural complex: the Patrick N. Hughson Auditorium and the Cultural Events and Exhibition Gallery of the Instituto Cultural Domínico Americano.