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We are the university of the Instituto Cultural Domínico-Americano (ICDA), established as an Institution of Higher Learning by means of Executive Decree Number 389-01 issued on March 20th, 2001.

Associate’s Degree in Marketing

Associate’s Degree in Marketing

Level: Undergraduate
Degree: Associate’s Degree in Marketing
Total courses: 32
Total credits: 103
Total terms: 6
Total hours: 108
Total Internship hours: 150


The purpose of this intermediate level is to prepare professionals for positions in Marketing and Management who can:

  • Acquire the knowledge and management skills necessary to organize and direct a marketing department of a company or business.
  • Learn the structure of the marketing system of any company in order to adequately apply the techniques of modern administration for the satisfaction of both internal and external clients.
  • Develop the skills and techniques used in various marketing activities.
  • Acquire the skills and abilities to successfully enter the job market and continue to develop personal initiatives.

Graduate Profile:

  • Mastery of systems, principles and theories of marketing.
  • Ability to organize, direct and supervise marketing departments in a company or business.
  • Ability to plan and analyze marketing, administrative, and managerial matters.
  • Management leadership necessary to stand out in the area of their specialization.

Occupational Field:

Graduates from the Associate Marketing Program can hold positions in the public and private sectors, such as:


  • Director of a marketing department
  • Assistant to the Director of a marketing division or area
  • Manager or Assistant-Manager of a marketing division, area or department
  • Supervisor of an marketing area or department
  • Marketing assistant of a production or service company

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