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We are the university of the Instituto Cultural Domínico-Americano (ICDA), established as an Institution of Higher Learning by means of Executive Decree Number 389-01 issued on March 20th, 2001.

Associate’s Degree in Business Administration


Level: Undergraduate
Degree: Associate’s degree in Business Administration
Total courses: 32
Total credits: 103
Total terms: 6
Total hours: 108
Total Internship hours: 150

The purpose of this intermediate level is to prepare professionals for administrative and management positions who can:

  • Acquire the knowledge and management skills necessary to organize and direct a department, a company or a business.
  • Learn the structure of an administrative and management system in any business, in order to adequately apply the techniques of modern administration for the ultimate satisfaction of both internal and external clients.
  • Develop the skills and techniques used in diverse administrative and management activities.
  • Acquire the skills and abilities to successfully enter the job market and continue to develop personal initiatives.

Graduate Profile:

  • Mastery of systems, principles and theories of modern administration.
  • Ability to organize, direct and supervise departments in a business.
  • Ability to plan and analyze administrative, managerial and financial matters.
  • Management leadership necessary to stand out in the area of their specialization.

Occupational Fields:

In the public and private sectors, graduates from the Associate Business Administration Program can hold positions like managers, assistant managers, supervisors or heads of an area or department in diverse industries, such as banking, finance, construction, manufacturing, mining, logging and marketing, among others.

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