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We are the university of the Instituto Cultural Domínico-Americano (ICDA), established as an Institution of Higher Learning by means of Executive Decree Number 389-01 issued on March 20th, 2001.

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing
Level: Undergraduate  
Title: Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing  
Total courses: 58  
Total credits: 187  
Total terms: 11  
Total hours: 200  
Total Internship hours: 300  


  • Organize, plan, implement and control marketing campaigns.
  • Satisfy the needs, and desires of a company’s and/or organization’s clients through the utilization of certain disclosure processes.
  • Research changing consumer trends and advise companies to adjust their portfolio of products and services accordingly.

Use communication skills to influence, inform and provide services for the market, with the intent of generating customer loyalty, preference and good will, while maintaining a balance between organizational objectives and customer satisfaction, ultimately to provide a better quality of life for society in general.

Graduate Profile:
These are additional characteristics that graduates with Bachelor’s Degrees in Marketing must possess and demonstrate:

  • Manage a Sales or Marketing Department
  • Design and evaluate marketing strategies for goods and services
  • Conduct market research
  • Supervise projects and company marketing policies
  • Manage marketing human resources
  • Provide consulting services for businesses’ marketing strategies
  • Evaluate campaigns to launch new commercial and industrial products and services
  • Provide diagnostics of a business’s marketing needs
  • Elaborate pricing proposals
  • Assess marketing or advertising campaigns
  • Identify the needs and desires of consumers in order to design and manufacture better products
  • Establish pricing policies
  • Create efficient distribution structures
  • Formulate promotion strategies

Occupational Field:

  • Media Director
  • Marketing Manager
  • Manager of Marketing Campaigns
  • Brand Manager
  • Market Research Manager
  • Director or Manger of Public Relations
  • Industrial Purchasing Manager
  • Distribution Manager
  • Product Management Manager
  • Sales and Advertising Manager
  • Human Resources Manager or Personnel Administrator

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