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Domínico Americano School 

We offer the levels of primary and secondary education in English, we are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and School (SACS) of the United States and the Education ministry (MEE) of the Dominican Republic, teaches Spanish as their mother tongue; History also Dominican, Moral and Civic.

Who is who?

Who is who with contact information Administration

 School Director

Alba Mercedes Salterio, MA Ed

Ms. Alba Salterio was born in Ancon, Canal Zone in the Republic of Panama. She married and moved to the Dominican Republic in 1978, and is the mother of three children.

She graduated from Balboa High School, Canal Zone College with a BSMT and Western Carolina University with a Master of Arts in Education. She has also taken graduate work with Buffalo State University and Alabama University. Her latest graduate work is with Nova Southeastern University doctoral program.  

The teaching career has been her call for more than twenty-five years. She has taught second grade, junior high and high school math and science and has been a Science Department Head, Curriculum Coordinator and High School Principal.

This last position she held for more than eight years, in an overseas American school. She has served on several steering, self study committees for SACS accreditation including been the chair.

In August 1999, Ms. Salterio became the Dominico-Americano School Director and under her direction, the school finalized their SACS accreditation process. She occasionally gives of her busy schedule and teaches in the University of the Dominico-Americano, education courses which include the guidance for the teacher practicum.

You may contact her at colegio@icda.edu.do
Her office phone number is (809)-535-0665 Ext.3301 or 3302

Functions: The School Director is the instructional leader (1-12), responsible for grades 1-12 with the school board, for the communication and implementation of school board policy, the development of the school-wide curriculum thereby promoting academic excellence as the primary focus of the school and the communication with the school community.

She implements the practices and procedures for school operation, including sound fiscal management of the school, ensuring safety and security of students and staff and overseeing the compliance with the standards set by AdvancEd and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to ensure accredited status for the school.

MS/HS Principal

Olga León, MSW

Olga Leon joined the ICDA staff as a teacher (Language Arts, Social Studies) in 2006. A year later, she transitioned to teaching Health and becoming part of the Psychology Department as High School Counselor. In August 2011, she became Middle and High School Principal. She was raised between New York City and Santo Domingo, and obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychology as well a master’s degree in Social Work from Hunter College of the City New York, with a focus on Community Organizing and Administration. She furthered her education by completing specialization in Crisis and Trauma Intervention from UNIBE and Educational Management from the UTE.

Functions: Principal will be in charge of students, classrooms, educational program, and teaching staff of the 6th through 12th grades and the co-curricular teachers of these grades.

If you wish to contact her at the Dominico Americano, please call 535-0665 EXT. 3310 or 3311, or by email at highschool@icda.edu.do


Elementary Principal

Linda Mauad, MaED Linda Mauad was born in Santo Domingo, mother of four and a member of the ICDA staff since 1998; School Teacher in 2002 and team leader in 2005.  In 2010, she became the assistant principal. She has a Master’s in Education from Nova Southeastern University in Florida and has been in the field of education for many years.

Functions: Elementary Principal will be in charge of assisting the educational program and teaching staff of the 1st through 5th grades and co-curricular teachers of these grades and in charge of students and classrooms for 1st – 5th grade.

She can be reached at (809) 535-0665, extensions 3320 & 3321. You may also contact her at the following e-mail, elementary@icda.edu.do

Activities Coordinator

Angie Ramos, BA
Ms. Angie Ramos was born in the Dominican Republic. In 2013, she joined the ICDA staff as an activities coordinator.  She is an avid sports fan, and enjoys motivating and planning student activities. A graduated from UNIBE in Hotel ans Tourism in business administration. Previous teaching experience as a first grade and substitute teacher.

Functions: Plans and coordinates the logistics for all co curricular and extra curricular activities that are required by the school community to enhance the academic program. This includes booking of transportation, caters, sound equipments, conference rooms, auditorium and an exposition hall.

If you want to contact her at the Dominico Americano School, please call 535-0665 EXT 3330 or at the e-mail actividades.cda@icda.edu.do 

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